It'll be alright in the morning.


Forever wondering if I am contributing to a conversation by using my own experiences or being self centered and rude.

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"Do not make
out of people.
This will leave you
and sad,
missing arms that
cannot hold
hearts with
shaky foundations."
— Michelle K., Home.   (via latterman)
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"I like beginnings because they’re so full of promise. The first page of a book, the first day of a job, the first time you buy yourself flowers, the first date with a new man, the first touch, the first kiss, the first kick of a good liquor, the first moment you hold your own baby. I like beginnings because I know there’s always more to come."
— Shyma Perera, Bitter Sweet Symphony (via latterman)
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"One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?"
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"It’s funny, isn’t it? How you can go from feeling so light and peaceful to feeling like you just can’t bear the weight of it all anymore."
— midnight thoughts (i miss being happy)
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do you ever just get a vibe that someone has a crush on you and then you’re not sure if they actually do or if you’re just really really self-absorbed

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#haha check got that t-shirt

Hey Joelle the reason you have 0 friends is because you don’t go on walks with them when it rains and you go to the cinema with your mum instead of yours friends woooow

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I don’t understand

What the actual heck am I doing? I am useless in the real world in terms of getting useful work and experience for engineering

Feel like crying ha

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One reason I did the West Highland Way at the beginning was because I didn’t want to just spend my 18th with my family, as much as I love them, because I thought nobody would ask me to do anything and I should just arrange things myself but I don’t. That’s sad.

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